Cannibals Attack

Colleen:Septimius Severus

The party leaves Ren Sharr taking their new friends in tow. They make it down the muddy road until Hagran where they meet up with a merchant caravan headed down to Ruratian on their eventual way to Zal-Kina the dwarven stronghold, the group makes its way on a chilly spring day which leaves everyone miserable and the wagon getting stuck once.

They group makes camp for the night in a crops of trees. The the caravan sound and patience does some scouting. They find signs of humanoid activity. Osk suspected that it may be Tcho-Tcho. A race of diminutive cannabials who worship the great old ones. Kull sets an alarm spell and the group sets watches.

During the first watch Osk spots movement in the woods it’s a group. The attackers move towards the party as the PC’s loose ranged attacks and illusory magics.

The onslaught is too much for the primitive savages and they flee back into the night. After that the group makes way to Marikan where the group is given a few days off by Olaf who has to engage the local horse traders to restock his supply.

Players Total Encounters Treasure Goal XP Bonus
Ali 400 75 0 200 125
Colleen 400 75 0 200 125
Ginger 400 75 0 200 125
Doug 400 75 0 200 125
Rob 400 75 0 200 125



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