I'm glad we didn't kill that old man in cold blood


Ali: Avannaa
Doug: Patience
Rob: Kull

Investigate the Temple of the New Dawn (Completed)

New Missions
Investigate the note found in the main room of the temple. It looks like the note is written in Draconic, however it uses a cypher that needs to be translated. Avannaa knows a scholar in the human city of Ren Shaar named Yar who she believes can translate it

Lesser Hierophant Hemekef: one of the leaders of the cult. He gave some healing ot the party and has since left ot find his own way in this world.


Giant Snake: 50
Zombie: 50
zombie: 50

Treasure: 188
Scrolls: 2gp
golden stars and Suns: 35gp
Treasure: 2100CP ,196Sp, 110GP

Players Total Encounters Treasure Updated Character on OP Level 1 sucks
Ali 300 50 65 100 105
Doug 300 50 65 100 105
Rob 300 50 65 100 105



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