Knowing My Friends They Probably Ran Back to the Ghetto with Their Stolen Loot.

Colleen:Septimius Severus

The group approaches the city of Ren Sharr Evana knows of a sage there who can decipher the note. Upon arriving to the city the group seeks out the library to find the sage.

Unfortunately the sage was nowhere to be found, so the group leaves a copy with the scholars in the library. AS they leave a group of city guards pass them on the way to a commotion down the hall.

The group weight their options and went to the temple complex of Mithra where Andeus spoke to the head cleric and asked if he could decipher the note.

The priest told the group recently there has been a takeover of the city and the walls beached. The scholar is part of the now exiled elven ghetto on the outskirts of the city.

The priest also takes a copy of the note to see if the temples scholars can decipher the note. The group heads out to try to find the scholar.

They find him in a rand shackle shack. He expressed dismay at his current situation. After looking at the note he said he could do it. However he wanted some of his works from the library. He also points out some of his works will make code breaking easier.

So the group tromps back to the library and makes their way to the special collections where the rare works are. They find a group of city guards laying siege to the room. They are yelling at someone inside. They demand entrance and are barred. The guards are unwilling to break into a room containing unknown magic items and the unseen guardian is unwilling to come out. The group talks to the guards but is unable to make progress. So they head back to the temple.

The group asked the head priest to intercede with the king on their behalf, after some negotiations he acquiesces, sending runners to his palace. After a day or two they got a deal. The temple would have access to the manuscripts. The group heads back to the library.

They dismiss the guards and spoke to the women, they get entrance. After explaining the situation(steal the books) the woman grabs some choice relics and books then they go to leave. As they go they encounter the group of guards who want the women who defied their king. The group protects the women as the guards attack. One of them makes a break to get help.

As the battle rages the guard is able to go and collect reinforcements. Outside Patience summoned the latent magic in her veins to make her visages frightening and scared off the coming guards. At this point the archivist ran off as the party darted off in different directions as they heard more guards summoned to deal with the demon in the heart of the city.

Before the guards were able to rally the group split ran off, they meet up again in the elven ghetto. Peren translates the work. It details a plan to attack the dwarven stronghold in a months time.

Players Total Encounters Treasure Goal XP
Ali 250 50 0 200
Colleen 250 50 0 200
Ginger 250 50 0 200
Doug 250 50 0 200
Rob 250 50 0 200



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