Religious Culture in Thule

Thule has three distinct religious cultures The Nine who are worshiped by Thules civilized people, the Forest Gods who are revered by the various savage and barbarian tribes that dot Thule’s primeval wilderness. Finally the Great Old ones alien gods who first came to Thule eons ago while these abominations have moved off to other dimensions and distant stars.

Before I begin this break down it should be noted these are broad generalizations. The specifics may vary city to city and god to god.

Aspects of the Nine

  • Worship is carried out in temple Complexes. Which are campuses containing
    • A ziggurat, this is the main focus of worship with internal chambers housing the deities idol.
    • Housing for the clergy
    • Space set aside for general business.
    • Space reserved for any special concerns of the deity.
  • Ceremonies are typically carried out on top of the structure.
  • The ceremonies are private and secret. They are conducted by the priesthood of that deity.
  • Access to divine intervention is controlled through the priesthood.

The Forest Gods

  • This belief structure is animistic
  • Worship of the forest gods is marked by offerings. Typically art or foodstuffs.
  • The offerings are sometimes accompanied by prayer, dancing, singing, or other ritual acts of thanks.
  • Some people Druids, Shamans, and Totem warriors have a concentration of spiritual power. They also have the ability to control the spirits to grant favors. For this reason they are both sacred and feared.
  • Tribes interact with spirits in areas of their concern. For example hunters will thank the spirit of the game that they hunt to maintain favor of the spirit and ensure the good hunting continues.

The Great Old Ones

  • The worship of the Great Old Ones crosses the Barbarian/Civilized line that breaks up the rest of Thules’ culture.
  • Worship involves the breaking of Taboo, human sacrifice and cannibalism are regular features of these cults.
  • The worship is secret. Confined to remote savage and occasional Barbarian tribes, as well as cults in cities.

Religious Culture in Thule

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